Frequently Asked Questions

Can I kick the Torso Pad and/or Straight-On Target?


The Torso Pad and the Straight-On Target are not kicking targets; the Leaf Spring Target is your kicking target. The Straight-On Target is a face-punching target and the Torso Pad is a body-punching target. 

Can I uppercut the Straight-On Target?


The Straight-On Target is designed for straight-on hand and elbow strikes.  The Uppercut Target is the Leaf Spring Target, which is perfect for your right or left uppercut and shovel hook.  

Do I need martial art or boxing experience to train on the Focusmaster G-1000 and/or to do the 30-minute workout?


You do not need to have any martial art or boxing experience to train on the Focusmaster G-1000 or to do the 30-minute workout. It is a kickboxing/boxing/martial arts fitness-based workout that incorporates strength training and basic strikes that are easy to learn.

How can getting Focusmaster equipment help generate profits?

The purchasing of Focusmaster G-1000 machines demonstrates a commitment to keeping up with the latest and greatest in-group exercise programming and is a strong selling point for potential members. Under our Focusmaster Portal section of our website, found at the bottom of our homepage, we provide a Owners/Trainers Guide to help you design a program that is best suited for your goals and environment. Following our easy steps and implementing a program based on our Focusmaster equipment will also help with member retention as well as generating revenue. Most gyms choose to charge per class or have a supplemental charge above the basic membership fee to increase revenue.

How do I install my Focusmaster G-1000?

Please refer to the Support section of the website for a full installation video.

How do I know if I need to get a floor stand or if I can mount my Focusmaster G-1000 to my wall?

There are a lot of different situations that could determine that and options to consider. It would be best if you called to speak with us, so we can answer your questions in more detail. Please also refer to our Support section on the website for videos and information on mounting. 

How long does it take for my equipment to arrive?

We ship by Fedex Ground and you can typically expect to receive your equipment within 7-14 business days unless otherwise noted.

How many G-1000’s do you need for a successful program or class?

Our standard Small Group Training package comes with six G-1000 units. With six G-1000’s, you are able to run 12 members though an incredible workout that provides individual attention and motivation. If you’re looking to have more members in a given class, our next package is our Group Traning package which contains 10 G-1000 machines.  Of course if you’re a personal training studio or gym looking to create a workout of your own, there is no set number of machines needed.

How much resistance do the leaf spring targets have, and can you adjust the tension?

The Leaf Spring Target tension is very stiff and the padding is rigid as well. It has a similar feel to striking a high quality heavy bag. That is why we recommend using a fully padded boxing glove for hand protection and footwear to protect your feet when striking. It is designed to allow the user to punch, kick, knee and elbow. Our products are built to have longevity and durability.  If you are looking to have a much softer feel then we recommend the clapper target, which allows the user to strike through the pad with much less resistance. 

How much space will I need in my home for the Focusmaster G-1000?

When mounted on the wall, the G-1000 itself takes up less than 1 sq. foot of floor space.  When doing the workout and training on the machine, a good rule of thumb is to check and see if you would have enough room to do a push-up facing your machine and then a push-up perpendicular to the machine. 

I already have a few heavy bags, how is the Focusmaster G-1000 better?

The Focusmaster G-1000 has a number of benefits when compared to a traditional heavy bag or Muay Thai bag. The Focusmaster G-1000 is more versatile, takes up less space, safer for the user, and differentiates you from all of the other gyms that just have heavy bags. The G-1000 allows for any of our targets to be locked-in to the mainframe at any height or angle. This gives the user an endless amount of target configurations and striking combinations for people of any height.  When wall mounted, the Focusmaster G-1000 sits just 4 inches from the wall and when fully equipped with targets, extends less than 30 inches from the wall. Unlike heavy bags, our equipment lines your walls to take full advantage of unused space within your gym. Our product is much safer than the heavy bag because our targets lock in at eight different angles. This allows the spring target to be set up at the correct angle for the appropriate strike. You will quickly notice this when you try to throw an uppercut into a heavy bag verses a Focusmaster G-1000 target. The Focusmaster G-1000 is also a stationary piece of equipment and will not sway back into the user as they are throwing a strike, which can cause injury due to the unexpected force and distance. Finally, members and potential members will quickly notice a very attractive piece of equipment and class that not many gyms are able to offer at this time. 

Is there any maintenance needed for the Focusmaster G-1000?


You should tighten all hardware on the equipment, accessories, and wall and floor mounts on a weekly basis.  Depending on the number of classes being held, you might have to check hardware more frequently and make sure that you are always checking the integrity of the materials that make up each target to ensure there is no broken pieces or parts. We also recommend that you wipe down all pads and targets after use.

What are the benefits of training with Focusmaster equipment?

Strike training is very beneficial to people of all ages and fitness levels. It requires users to engage their entire body from the ground up, working muscles that are often neglected with regular weight training and cardio programs. Striking is a functional movement that allows people to improve coordination, agility, balance and core strength. The resistance provided by the Focusmaster G-1000 allows users to develop and tone lean muscle and to improve bone density and striking power.

What are the typical demographics of a Focusmaster Class?

One of the great things about the Focusmaster Class is that it appeals to a wide range of age groups and people of all fitness levels. Since the class is based off of 30-second intervals and not the numbers of repetitions or strikes, it allows the user to go at their own pace. 

What comes with my Focusmaster G-1000?

Each Focusmaster G-1000 order comes with the mainframe unit and the proper hardware to mount the machine to the wall and floor along with 3 targets; 1 Straight-On Target and 2 Leaf Spring Targets (The Floor Stand is a separate item). This is all that is needed for the Focusmaster Home Workout. Now you’re able to download the workout video and wall chart to follow right from our website. The targets provided allows you to create hundreds of different striking combinations. Also refer to the G-1000 installation video under the support section. 

What is a Focusmaster Class?

The Focusmaster Workout is a proprietary workout offered at Focusmaster Fitness Studios that is a 30 minute, kickboxing inspired workout that incorporates the innovative Focusmaster G-1000 Striking Machines. The class consists of an intense total body circuit training routine that uses functional strength exercises, plyometric training, and basic striking combinations in an atmosphere of heart-pumping music and interactive instruction. We have studios in Troy, NY and Loudonville, NY. We offer (5) free classes to anybody who is new to our studios.

What is the fee in becoming a Registered Focusmaster facility?

$250/month for every bundle of six G-1000’s.  This ensures that you will receive all new and updated workouts along with marketing and promotional items.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 90-day warranty on the G-1000 mainframe unit and on all accessories for any manufacturers defect.

What kind of room or space is needed for a classes based on Focusmaster Equipment?

The space needed is up to how many machines you would like and how you would like to run your class. A closed room is recommended, but not necessary, we have seen clubs run workouts on their open gym floor with Focusmaster equipment. A wall mounted G-1000 is 12 inches wide and 6 feet tall. When fully equipped with targets, it extends less than 30 inches from the wall.  We recommend that you have a minimum of 4 feet separating each G-1000.

What other equipment or gear will I need for the workout?

You will want to have a pair of boxing or MMA gloves with a set of 180-inch hand wraps. If this is your first time being introduced to Strike Training, we suggest a 14-16oz boxing glove for men and women. You will also want to have a nice pair of cross-training sneakers to keep your feet supported and protected.

Where can I find the Focusmaster 30 minute Home Workout Video and Wall Chart?

Our 30 minute home workout video and wall chart can be found under our support section of our website ( There you will find a few helpful videos including: “Getting Started” an overview of our workout and breakdown of each exercise and combination. “Full 30 Minute Workout” a real time workout that you can follow each and everyday from any computer, laptop, or tablet. We do not offer it in DVD format, it is designed to be viewed right from an internet capable device.

Where can I locate a Focusmaster G-1000 so I can test it out myself?

You could give us a call and we can see if we know of any Focusmaster gyms in your area or come visit us at one of the many fitness shows we go to each year.