The FocusmasterTM G-1000 is the Ultimate Strike Training Machine

for fitness, martial arts, boxing and law enforcement.

The Focusmaster G-1000 is the most functional training equipment, perfect for your home gym, basement or garage. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, martial artist, boxer or anybody looking to get in incredible shape, the Focusmaster G-1000 is the machine for you.

Our innovative design gives users endless possibilities and striking applications to enhance their training. Constructed with commercial quality steel, the mainframe stands 6’ tall and 12” wide, and takes up virtually no floor space when wall and floor mounted.

The Focusmaster G-1000 was also designed in a way that would allow users to be able to change out and rotate accessories with a lock-in tumbler system. This system helps make target changes quick and easy, providing endless combinations. All targets lock-in to any of the 20 target mounting studs located on the mainframe.

The mainframe is constructed from 3/16” thick structural steel tubing, the frame incorporates 20 target mounting studs to maximize target placement versatility.

Every Focusmaster G-1000 machine is accompanied by [1] straight on target and [2] leaf spring targets allowing users to get the best workout variations to build maximum strength, speed and power.

Straight on Target This air-cushioned target features padding 5 1/2” thick to withstand your most punishing straight-on punches. Target diameter is 10”.

Leaf Spring Target This target combines the resistance training of a heavy bag with the accuracy, speed and combination training of focus mitts. The spring-loaded target rotates 360 degrees with eight lock-in positions providing the perfect angle, for all your strikes.

The Focusmaster Workout gets you in the best shape of your life, fighting shape, by, incorporating functional body weight exercises, heart-pumping striking combinations and 30-second intervals to keep you fresh and wanting more.



[1] G-1000 Wall Unit
[1] Straight on Target
[2] Leaf Spring Targets
[1] Digital 30 Minute Workout DVD
[1] Digital Wall Chart
[1] Digital Combination Handbook


Dimensions: 6’ tall 12” wide
Weight: 125lbs
Color: Solid Black

Floorstand NOT included - Order it here

Order with the Floor Stand

Also, you will receive an access pass to the Focusmaster Portal, offering a library of workouts and challenges.


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Price: $1,499.99
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