The Breakdown

The Focusmaster Workout is a 30 minute total body class that incorporates elements of basic boxing and kickboxing on our innovative Focusmaster G-1000 machine. Our workout combines striking combinations and the efficiency of interval body weight training to provide the quickest and most effective program to give you the body you always desired.

Each Focusmaster Fitness Workout is comprised of a six minute warm-up, 21 minutes of circuit training and a three minute cool down, delivering a consistent and effective workout, each and every time.

Our incredible workout is enhanced by our formula for success. We bring an electrifying atmosphere that offers dim lighting for a judgment free area, heart pounding music, a friendly environment, and motivating coaches that provide individual attention to each member.

From power walkers to elite athletes, you can expect to get stronger, leaner, and feel more energized in just a matter of weeks. Depending on your fitness goals, we recommend taking the class at least 3 days a week on a consistent basis. There is no other workout that will get you in the best shape of your life in just weeks.