Breakdown and Benefits

Think you’re too busy to find time to workout?

It only takes 30 minutes!

FM Kickboxing

We are the creators of the Ultimate 30 minute workout. Our signature Focusmaster class is a 30 minute kickboxing inspired workout that combines basic boxing and kickboxing combinations.  Our innovative G-1000 machines and functional body weight exercises are designed to burn maximum fat and tone lean muscle, providing the quickest and most effective program to give you the body you always desired! We begin each class with bringing down the lights, turning up the music and forgetting about everything else that life throws at us. This is your time! We kick it off with a dynamic warm-up, move into our circuit training portion and then bring it all together at the end with a relaxing cool down and stretch to allow for mind and body recovery.

FM Bootcamp

FM Bootcamp is our 30 minute circuit training workout that incorporates strength and cardio training utilizing free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and other easy to use equipment to sculpt and tone your body. This class is a great compliment to our Signature Focusmaster Kickboxing classes due to the use of added resistance and varying work/rest periods. We bring our same motivating and inspiring environment to Bootcamp as you make your way through this effective total body workout.

Personal Training

With over 40 classes offered each week at each of our studios, we offer a flexible schedule that can accommodate most individual’s schedules. But if not, schedule a Personal Training session with one of our Focusmaster Trainers during any off hours. Our trainers can customize a workout regimen that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.