Michelle_Before and After“This workout is phenomenal. In 30 minutes I am drenched in sweat, breathing hard and I am a professional athlete. The beautiful thing about this workout is its universal scalability. Whether you are a professional athlete or 100 pounds overweight you can still do the same exact workout.” – Javy Martienez

“Since my journey began in February I have lost  32 pounds and many inches, I also have completed my 14th 5k this year! My 5k time has gone from 36 minutes down to  27 minutes.. Each race I have achieved a personal record… some may have been minutes some only seconds…You, your program, and your coaches have changed my life!! As proud as I am of myself.. I am equally proud to say that I am a part of something so wonderful!!” -Debbie McCormick


“It’s a great workout, I really feel like I did something in those 30 minutes, not just that burn of running on a treadmill. My entire body got worked, it’s just excellent. The tension of the targets are perfect; I don’t feel like I am punching through them, I feel like I am getting a real reverberation of what it would feel like to hit a body.” – Rob Hugus

“This workout is very conducive to a boxing fight, the way the workout has periods of striking and rest. Any athlete or individual who wants to get in shape…this will definitely do it.” – Mike Fariagon

Maureen_weight loss

Larry_New Before

“This workout is great! It gets you in shape, gives you endurance, and quick agility. It is great for punching and defensive tactics.” – Officer Mary-Kate Kelley

“I’m so glad I walked through that door, it has truly changed my life and I am so grateful for the inspiration within the Focusmaster Family! Consistency is key!” -Dre Fagen


Angel_B&A_Final NEWEST


“I have traveled internationally to Denmark, Sweden, Germany, all throughout the U.S. and Canada and I have never had a piece of equipment like this. Not only is it a good striking opponent, but it has an arm that you can do a lot of trapping. The G-1000 is the best piece of equipment on the market.” – Tim Hartman

“Keep on doing what you’re doing!!! Your workout did WONDERS for me.. as long as I was eating right and giving it 100% every class I saw amazing results!” –Christa F.


Seans_30 Day transformation

“I Love Focusmaster!! It is a small setting so you can get the help you need from your coach. Everyone is very friendly and the workout is only a half hour. Who doesn’t have time for a half hour to get in the most amazing shape of your life. All the coaches are awesome and very helpful. I would recommend Focusmaster to anyone of any age, size, gender, or fitness level! You will reach your fitness goals with Focusmaster if you just step out of your comfort zone!” – Ashley B.

“Any time I feel too tired to get up and go, I tell myself “I’m worth 30 minutes for myself.” I remember how good I feel at the end of the class with sweat dripping and a stronger sense of myself. Being a new mom is exhausting but thanks to Focusmaster I now feel more in control of my body,  my energy and my overall day to day life. ” -Tamara K.