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Safety Guidelines

This product is intended for use by persons trained in the use of such equipment by a professional. At no time should participants use old, modified or damaged equipment and accessories, as injury may result. The user assumes all risk of injury. Focusmaster cannot and will not be responsible for the misuse, unauthorized or improper use of this product. The product should be used by persons in good physical condition, and trained by qualified personnel.

The Focusmaster Workout is an extreme fitness program and should only be attempted by individuals who have been cleared by their physician for such an intense exercise routine. Individuals who have a history of knee, shoulder, or spinal (back or neck) problem should be very cautious starting such a workout. This warning is not to be discounted. There are many fitness alternatives if you have weaknesses or are prone to injuries – but the Focusmaster Workout is not one of them. The user assumes all risks of injury in the use of this program and/or the Focusmaster equipment.

If at any time you feel you are exercising beyond your current fitness abilities, or you feel discomfort, you should discontinue exercise immediately and reconsider your use of this program or this routine in particular.

All users are recommended to wear boxing or MMA gloves with hand wraps and fully enclosed footwear. At no time should anybody strike the Focusmaster G-1000 or any of the accessories without protective foot and hand gear.

When installing any of the Focusmaster equipment make sure you have at least one other able adult to assist with holding, securing and mounting the machine.

Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone. So please consult your physician before beginning this or any other exercise program. You should always warm up for a few minutes before beginning any workout, and you should never exercise beyond the level at which you feel comfortable. Please consult with your physician before performing any exercises found in this video and workout.

By buying Focusmaster products, you understand and agree that martial arts, boxing, fitness training, and demonstrations are high risk activities and to the extent permitted by law, YOU EXPRESSLY AND VOLUNTARILY ASSUME THE RISK OF DEATH OR OTHER PERSONAL INJURY SUSTAINED WHILE PARTICIPATING IN SUCH ACTIVITES WHETHER OR NOT CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER FAULTS of Focusmaster, including but not limited to equipment malfunction from whatever cause, or any other fault of Focusmaster. Additionally, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Focusmaster harmless from any third party claims arising from such High Risk activities.

Read all assembly and operational instructions in the instruction manual prior to use. Consult the instructional manual for all warnings, important instructions, and disclaimers prior to use. If any warning label on any Focusmaster apparatus comes lost, damaged, or indiscernible, contact Century Martial Arts for a replacement. See instruction manual for contact information.