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Healthy Habits Weekly Challenge - Meal Prep

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

This week we continue our Meal Prep theme for our Focusmaster Healthy Habits Program.

If you’re new to our Healthy Habits program, we have created a nutritional program that is designed to provide you with daily guidance that will not only help you build healthier habits concerning what you’re eating and drinking, but to also educate you in the process so you can slowly create lasting lifestyle changes.

We partnered with Laura Ligos, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to create this program that would help our members no matter what age, fitness level or where they are in their own fitness journey.

Each week we have an overall theme to focus on and mini challenges that guide you each step of the way.

Monday & Tuesday: Pack a protein rich snack. One that is greater than 10g of protein in a serving.

Wednesday & Thursday: Pack your lunch the night before.

Friday: Pick a place to eat out today or this weekend and look at their menu before you go.

Saturday & Sunday: Spend 1-2 hours this weekend on prepping/planning or cooking meals for next week.

Here is a video breakdown from Laura Ligos explaining this weeks challenges:

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